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In an article about the business of accounting software in the current economy, IncorTech President and founder Steve Birdwell provides insight into how he turned sales around through marketing execution.

Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

“We [decided] we’re going to have to make it easy for our prospects to find us on the Web. If clients aren’t buying and suppliers like Sage and Intuit don’t give us leads, we have to generate our own.”

Aggressive growth requires companies invest roughly 15 percent of their gross revenue on marketing, Birdwell estimates, but Incortech was only spending 1 or 2 percent.

“Marketing was an event, not a process,” he says. “It was a matter of go grab a few leads and then stop to sell.”

The process had worked for the VAR up to that point, with Incortech earning top sales recognition for Sage’s MAS 500 product for several quarters. But now Birdwell needed to adapt to the fact that manufacturers in Southern California just weren’t shopping – at least not at his store.

Steve’s photo appears on the cover of the December 2008 issue.

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Dec reports that Intuit is making a bold move in bidding for the assets of beleaguered CRM product maker Entellium. The Rave CRM product has some unique features in its sales workflow that make it a very forward thinking tool for sales.Intuit’s intent would logically be to build out the features of its fledgling Sales Management ES application that is part of the new QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions “Suite” offerings.

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Each year, the CPA Technology Advisor posts its Year-In-Review and Executive Predictions article. For 2009, Executives in the business software industry made some very interesting predictions that I think any business owner or accounting technology manager would do well to take note of.
Some of these are trends already in motion, but which will reach critical mass in the near future of 2009 and beyond.

Prediction #1: Working Remotely

Meeting client, firm and employee needs requires anytime, anywhere access to information and knowledge. No longer a 9-to-5 desk job, firms report that, on average, 22 percent of their professional staff works remotely to some extent and nearly one-half expect to see this increase over the next three years.

Prediction #2: SAAS To Replace Traditional Software
by Shafat Qazi

Software-as-a-Service will replace desktop software in the next 10 years, completely. The rate at which people will transform to browser-based, or cloud computing, is going to grow exponentially in the next few years, and will really begin to take off in 2009. It will grow tremendously from there. The nature of this change is as significant as the boom for the personal computer was in the 1980s or as e-mail was in the 1990s. As a simple example, what e-mail did to the fax, SaaS will do to desktop computing.

Prediction #3: Outsourcing Continues as Broadband Availability Increases
by Shafat Qazi

The world is going to get even flatter. The ability for us to collaborate with other teams around the world is going to become more and more possible because the countries that did not have the capability a few years ago are rapidly implementing newer technologies, with broadband often being available free to homes and businesses. So opportunities for collaboration with remote companies or offshore companies is going to be astounding. This is a massive change wherein the playing field is going to level-off even further in the next few years and more workflow processes that were traditionally handled locally will increasingly be processed remotely. While this has nominally been around for a few years, we see it growing exponentially in many new areas including functions in the legal and accounting professions. The rapidly increasing and often free availability of broadband access across the world is going to change the dimension of the working class, shifting it to countries where the processes can be done more rapidly and efficiently.

Prediction #4 (FREE BONUS PREDICTION!): More Automation & Efficiency in Small Businesses
by Shafat Qazi

Automation of business processes will boom. Most businesses, from small to big, are realizing the considerable benefit of automation across virtually all of their work processes, and they will start to invest significantly more in automation technologies, perhaps 2 to 3 times more, in the next few years. More and more businesses have seen the value offered by the productivity enhancements and efficiency gains of automation, from good email systems, to exchange-based domains, to popular accounting software and enhanced collaborative tools like SharePoint. Many of these businesses have just started to wet their feet, but this area is about to explode in the next few years, with greater investment in these technologies.

Hope you enjoyed those! Any predictions of your own for the world of business management technology in 2009? Please share with a comment!

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In our latest effort to provide our software selection assistance and professional services to a broader audience, IncorTech has launched the new site today.

Founder Steve Birdwell had this to say about the launch:

I’m proud of the team’s efforts to continue growing our QuickBooks Enterprise division. Our recent addition of the Las Vegas office and our ability to provide local support there was just the beginning for IncorTech. Our growth as a national-level provider in the Intuit Solution Provider space will move forward by leaps and bounds with the success of this site. Our promise of delivering a great product at a great price with our Easy Implementation options provides plenty of choice to our future Customers who are looking to improve their business efficiency, serve customers better and save money in today’s economy.

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