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  1. What Happens After I Purchase Software from IncorTech?

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    Q.1 What are the ongoing costs of a business software package?

    The most common scenario is that you will pay for an annual subscription fee or service plan that is provided by the software publisher that ranges typically from 15% - 25% of your purchase price of the product. What is included in these subscriptions varies from publisher to publisher. The advantage to the consumer of having plans like these is that instead of purchasing the software outright over and over again, you are given the releases during your active coverage period as soon as they are made available. This is in contrast to products like QuickBooks Pro where you would need to buy it each year at full price to get the new features and maintain support of capabilities like payroll and compatibility with the latest releases of operating systems like Windows. (Microsoft has stopped shipping Windows XP and Vista compatibility is a concern for many businesses.) Sometimes multiple tiers of subscription plans are available with varying numbers of support cases, or even unlimited support cases.

    In addition to your annual subscription plan, you should plan for support services provided by IncorTech to assist you with performing software updates and upgrades. Most software packages release upgrades annually and these upgrades may involve some data conversion processes that require testing and verification before proceeding to run the business on the upgraded version. The amount of service needed from year to year can vary depending upon the kind of changes happening to the product's database and the amount of custom code or reports that may need updating in order to run the new release.

    Software as a Service products (SAAS) present a different model than traditional software and replaces annual software subscription plans with monthly service fees for the hosting of the application, support and all upgrades. Because the product is usually web-based, the software publisher is able to release frequent updates with a very minimal impact on end-users. In addition, SAAS products tend to dramatically reduce the need for IT Staff or service providers because the hosting company takes care of hardware, backups, operating system updates and the like for you.

    Q.2 What happens after we're "live" on the software?

    e offer several optional services to help companies through accounting tasks that you do only periodically, such as your first month-end or year-end closing cycle. We also provide ongoing onsite and remote support for our customers for anything not covered by their publisher-provided subscription plan. Further, the IncorTech Solutions Consultant that assisted you with your selection process is also your Account Manager! We believe that forging and keeping strong relationships with our Clients is what has made us a the first person they call when they need help making smart choices for their business - for technology, adapting to changes in their business and even for referrals to providers of other products and services. When you partner with IncorTech, expect to have a friendly, knowledgeable resource available in your Account Manager.

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