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Selecting Software

  1. Selecting Software

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    Q.1 How can IncorTech help me make a good decision about what software I should purchase? Aren't you biased to sell the products you represent?

    We do our absolute best to put our focus on providing the best-fit solution for every prospective Client we speak to, and that includes referring you to a competitor if we don't think there is a great fit based on what you're looking for and what we're good at. Our motivation for doing this is that we get many of our Clients by referral. We can't afford to have unsatisfied customers - it would be very bad for us and it could be disastrous for you. Not only that, its a violation of the "Technology Provider's Hippocratic Oath."

    Q.2 What is the typical buying process like? I want to know what I'm in for!

    At IncorTech, we value transparency in both directions between us and our Clients. Since transparency is often difficult when a relationship is new, we developed a worksheet that we'll share with you during our first meeting that explains how most buyers successfully navigate the buying process with us. It explains step by step - and gives us a Q&A tool that helps us get an understanding of your agenda and internal processes as well as our own. By the end of this exercise - which takes about 15 to 30 minutes, our prospective clients usually know answers to the following questions:

    1. When is our target "go-live" date?
    2. By when would we realistically need to have completed each step in the decision process in order to meet the target date?
    3. What are the steps in our internal decision process?
    4. Who should be involved in the process from our team?
    5. Is IncorTech trustworthy and is it worthwhile to take the next step in the evaluation process together?

    Q.3 How do I protect my trade secrets during the discovery process?

    We are happy to sign a mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement if you wish to provide one, or we can make use of our own if you do not have one.

    Q.4 What kinds of information should we be gathering so that this process goes as efficiently as possible? What should we be doing leading up to calling any potential providers such as IncorTech?

    The three most important things to have identified are:

    1. Who will be involved in the decision process and who will make the "final final" decision (who signs the documents)?
    2. What are the top 3 - 5 concerns of the people involved in the process (whether influencers or decision-makers)?
    3. Identify why your organization is willing to undergo the process of making a change in business software which usually has costs in terms of time, budget and energy or focus. Why does it need to be done?
    4. Once you've got those, you are well on your way. To get a more complete guide, including some great third party research information, get our FREE Guide to Choosing Your Next Accounting Software by filling out the form to the right.

    Q.5 It seems like software can save us a lot of time and money - even help us to be more profitable. However, I'm concerned about how much time it will take to get everything done.

    This is a very good concern to have! IncorTech is pleased to provide several ways that we can help you be more in control of your professional services expenses and the amount of time needed from your team during a software implementation:

    1. We offer flat-rate proposal options. A flat rate proposal guarantees you will know your software implementation costs but does require a clearly defined scope of work. In order to produce that scope of work, you'll need to agree to a consulting engagement called a Needs Analysis that will produce a document that you can use whether you move forward with us or another solution and service provider.
    2. Our standard proposals include detailed estimates of services so that you know how many hours will be devoted to consulting, installation and configuration, testing, training and project management. No mysterious ranges, just a realistic estimate based on years of experience and hundreds of successful implementations.
    3. Our Consultants utilize a "Consultant Visit Verification" form for onsite services so that you'll have written backup for site visits with an authorized signature. Further, we use "Out of Scope Approval" forms for handling requests not defined in the original project scope, further reducing unexpected costs.
    4. Project management and your success: At IncorTech, we are members of the Project Management Institute and we put PMI best practices to use in order to improve communication and keep projects on time and on budget. Our proposal clearly indicates the expected number of (weekly) project status meetings and this invaluable tool can make a huge difference in the success of your implementation.

    Q.6 What does all this cost?

    IncorTech typically serves the needs of businesses who have $2 - $200 million in annual revenue, although there are exceptions at both ends of the spectrum. What this means is that we have to offer affordable solutions that scale well. Our least expensive solutions for accounting start at $3,000 for a 5-user system and range into the hundreds of thousands of dollars for a 50-User Sage MAS 500 ERP implementation. An important consideration is that although there are certainly exceptions, you should be prepared to spend as much on professional servcies in order to implement the product correctly and have a properly trained team. This ratio does vary, but 1:1 or 1:1.5 ratios of software to services costs are not uncommon. The best way to find out what this will likely cost is to contact a friendly IncorTech Solutions Consultant and start the process of discussing your business needs so that we can develop a recommendation and provide apporpriate pricing information.


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