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I somehow managed to miss this anouncement in January of 2009 but it’s a truly high accolade for what I feel is the benchmark for Customer Relationship Management software.

Sage North America announced that Sage SalesLogix v7.5 has been named CRM Suite – SMB Product of the Year for the second straight year in’s Products of the Year program. Awards were judged by the editorial staff and a team of industry analysts and consultants. Judges cited Sage SalesLogix for its ease of use, innovation, and performance.

Sage SalesLogix is a full-featured, customizable, multi-client CRM solution that provides businesses with a complete view of customer interactions across sales, marketing, customer service, and support functions. With Sage SalesLogix, businesses can manage their entire sales cycle and increase team performance by automating sales processes, monitoring and forecasting sales activity, responding promptly and knowledgeably to inquiries and opportunities, and targeting campaigns to their most profitable customers and prospects. Business analytics tools further enable users to make better strategic decisions and manage resources. More than 300,000 users at over 8,500 companies worldwide rely on Sage SalesLogix Web, Windows, and mobile access options to manage their customer information and accelerate sales results. For more details, visit or call (888) 200-4171.

Headquartered in Needham, MA, is part of the TechTarget network ( TechTarget publishes integrated media that enable information-technology (IT) marketers to reach targeted communities of IT professionals and executives in all phases of the technology decision-making and purchase process. Through its industry-leading Web sites, magazines and conferences, TechTarget delivers measurable results that help IT marketers generate qualified sales leads, shorten sales cycles and grow revenues. More information can be found at

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Single Source is proud to announce it is a Gold Sponsor of the 2009 Aberdeen Chief Service Officer Summit (CSO) to be held in Boston, MA, October 8-9. The Summit is considered the preeminent best practices and networking symposium for service, manufacturing, supply chain and operations executives. One of its primary purposes is to accelerate strategies for post-sales service transformation.

If you’d like to attend the summit, click the banner above to receive a special rate on your attendance fees.

IncorTech is an SM-Plus Enterprise and SM-Plus for Sage MAS 500 partner.

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Don’t miss the educational and networking event of the year for the Sage user community: Sage Summit in Atlanta, November 9-12, 2009. Among other things, you’ll see how your peers are succeeding in the current market.

Come to Atlanta to learn more about Sage MAS 90, MAS 200, MAS 500, BusinessWorks, SalesLogix, Sage CRM, ACT! and more! Discuss your most pressing product topics, and discover some exciting new skills that will save your company time and money.

Attend Summit and take advantage of this important conference!

Sage Summit highlights:

  • Support, Face-to-Face–Schedule a real one-to-one conversation with an expert support analyst.
  • Sessions for Beginners, Intermediates, and Power Users–Explore the topics that matter most to today’s organizations at comprehensive breakout sessions.
  • Peer Networking–Learn how others are advancing their organizations in today’s climate.
  • Roundtable Discussions–Chat peer-to-peer with those who utilize the same software and share similar job roles as you.
  • Keynote Speakers–Get inspired by compelling speakers discussing issues that impact you every day!
  • Trade Show–Discover the latest trends and innovations at the exhibit hall.

Be sure to register early for the lowest prices. Registration opens July 21. Visit for promotional rates.

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On February 23rd, Sage North America announced the general availability of Sage MAS 90 and 200 Extended Enterprise Suite version 1.2, one of the company’s next-generation business management suites that streamlines critical processes and workflow for SMBs. This latest release provides expanded CRM and fixed asset management capabilities, helping SMBs more effectively run their business operations. Media coverage of the launch was extensive, including from the following outlets:    Full Story…    Full Story…    Full Story.

Expanded Customer Relationship Management
Sage MAS 90 and 200 Extended Enterprise Suite v1.2 includes a number of CRM enhancements to help sales and marketing efforts. Users now can create and graphically view multiple sales relationships between primary entities, such as a holding company and its subsidiaries, or “many-to-many” relationships where multiple sales representatives sell into various divisions of the same company. For marketing, professional mass email campaigns can be enhanced with advanced editing and also benefit from a new, multi-language spell checker. A branding toolkit also is included, which enables users to modify the look and feel of CRM screens, including adding logos to match a company’s corporate identity.

Enhanced Fixed Assets Management
Sage MAS 90 and 200 Extended Enterprise Suite v1.2 also provides updates to the latest tax rules, rates and IRS forms so that users can easily comply with the important, new tax law changes that impact the current and upcoming tax years. By organizing fixed assets in an easy-to-view format and performing complex depreciation calculations quickly and easily, Sage MAS Extended Enterprise Suite saves time, improves data accuracy and maximizes tax savings.

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In an article about the business of accounting software in the current economy, IncorTech President and founder Steve Birdwell provides insight into how he turned sales around through marketing execution.

Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

“We [decided] we’re going to have to make it easy for our prospects to find us on the Web. If clients aren’t buying and suppliers like Sage and Intuit don’t give us leads, we have to generate our own.”

Aggressive growth requires companies invest roughly 15 percent of their gross revenue on marketing, Birdwell estimates, but Incortech was only spending 1 or 2 percent.

“Marketing was an event, not a process,” he says. “It was a matter of go grab a few leads and then stop to sell.”

The process had worked for the VAR up to that point, with Incortech earning top sales recognition for Sage’s MAS 500 product for several quarters. But now Birdwell needed to adapt to the fact that manufacturers in Southern California just weren’t shopping – at least not at his store.

Steve’s photo appears on the cover of the December 2008 issue.

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Dec reports that Intuit is making a bold move in bidding for the assets of beleaguered CRM product maker Entellium. The Rave CRM product has some unique features in its sales workflow that make it a very forward thinking tool for sales.Intuit’s intent would logically be to build out the features of its fledgling Sales Management ES application that is part of the new QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions “Suite” offerings.

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Each year, the CPA Technology Advisor posts its Year-In-Review and Executive Predictions article. For 2009, Executives in the business software industry made some very interesting predictions that I think any business owner or accounting technology manager would do well to take note of.
Some of these are trends already in motion, but which will reach critical mass in the near future of 2009 and beyond.

Prediction #1: Working Remotely

Meeting client, firm and employee needs requires anytime, anywhere access to information and knowledge. No longer a 9-to-5 desk job, firms report that, on average, 22 percent of their professional staff works remotely to some extent and nearly one-half expect to see this increase over the next three years.

Prediction #2: SAAS To Replace Traditional Software
by Shafat Qazi

Software-as-a-Service will replace desktop software in the next 10 years, completely. The rate at which people will transform to browser-based, or cloud computing, is going to grow exponentially in the next few years, and will really begin to take off in 2009. It will grow tremendously from there. The nature of this change is as significant as the boom for the personal computer was in the 1980s or as e-mail was in the 1990s. As a simple example, what e-mail did to the fax, SaaS will do to desktop computing.

Prediction #3: Outsourcing Continues as Broadband Availability Increases
by Shafat Qazi

The world is going to get even flatter. The ability for us to collaborate with other teams around the world is going to become more and more possible because the countries that did not have the capability a few years ago are rapidly implementing newer technologies, with broadband often being available free to homes and businesses. So opportunities for collaboration with remote companies or offshore companies is going to be astounding. This is a massive change wherein the playing field is going to level-off even further in the next few years and more workflow processes that were traditionally handled locally will increasingly be processed remotely. While this has nominally been around for a few years, we see it growing exponentially in many new areas including functions in the legal and accounting professions. The rapidly increasing and often free availability of broadband access across the world is going to change the dimension of the working class, shifting it to countries where the processes can be done more rapidly and efficiently.

Prediction #4 (FREE BONUS PREDICTION!): More Automation & Efficiency in Small Businesses
by Shafat Qazi

Automation of business processes will boom. Most businesses, from small to big, are realizing the considerable benefit of automation across virtually all of their work processes, and they will start to invest significantly more in automation technologies, perhaps 2 to 3 times more, in the next few years. More and more businesses have seen the value offered by the productivity enhancements and efficiency gains of automation, from good email systems, to exchange-based domains, to popular accounting software and enhanced collaborative tools like SharePoint. Many of these businesses have just started to wet their feet, but this area is about to explode in the next few years, with greater investment in these technologies.

Hope you enjoyed those! Any predictions of your own for the world of business management technology in 2009? Please share with a comment!

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In addition to it’s SAAS-model QuickBooks Enterprise Suite offerings which debuted this fall with the release of QuickBooks Enterprise 9.0, Intuit is drawing praise from Business Tech magazine CRN this week for its new integration with the QuickBase web application platform purchased by Intuit several years ago.  

In the article, ChannelWeb writer Edward Moltzen provides an interesting look into the possibilities for smaller firms to enjoy a high ROI on QuickBase applications that integrate with QuickBooks products.

CRN particularly found the deployment of QuickBase solutions to be an enjoyable experience:

Unlike the deployment for Microsoft’s Dynamics, which can include hours of time installing updates, DLLs, patches and dealing with the integration of applications like SQL Server, deployment of QuickBase is easy … because there really isn’t much of a deployment at all.

Because it’s a hosted application, essentially all that’s needed is an account setup with Intuit—that’s it.

The Test Center deployed a trial account in about two minutes. There were no big issues in accessing the site. The QuickBase dashboard, “My QuickBase,” appears on sign-in with several pre-loaded applications, including customer support, project management and time and billing. It also provides an icon that leads to blank templates to create custom applications.

With some new competition arriving from QuickBooks Gold Certified Developer Alocet , Method Integration is offering some similar applications, but with a unique real-time synchronization option that is not yet available for all QuickBase applications.

Are you using web-based software in your business?   Is it free (like Google Docs) or on a subscription basis (like Basecamp)?  How do you like your web based application?  Would you recommend it to others?

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A thought-provoking article entitled Radical Desktops Deliver Power To The People over at Information Week got me wondering about what the impact of all this is for our customers at IncorTech.  Research presented in the article indicates that while 96% of end users in organizations surveyed contained pc’s running Windows XP with locally running apps, there is a lot of diversity out there.  For example, fully 26% of the same group surveyed have Mac’s.  30% surveyed have a SAAS product in use.  The one that scared me was that 35% have machines running Windows 2000, ME or earlier systems still in use!  (Scary because of system security.)

The shift to end users choosing the way they experience the tools they use everyday is apparent in even smaller firms.  If we take IncorTech for example, I myself have been using Macs since 2005 and I use a MacBook with virtualized Windows XP to demonstrate the applications we provide for our customers.  People everywhere are dumping Internet Explorer for Firefox for a variety of reasons.  And Google’s new Chrome browser is intended to provide all kinds of features that make the browser the primary software you’ll use on your computer.

Our software industry is often slowly influenced by consumer trends in computing.  However, the move to the web is happening faster and faster all the time.  Our desire at IncorTech is to offer our customers choice wherever possible.  In that regard, we’re looking to provide as many solutions as possible that allow you to choose whether you interact with an application hosted by someone or whether you host the application on your own server.  In some cases, we even find the technology permitting us to offer a traditional desktop client or a completely web-based client for the same database.

In the end, I think that customers’ demand for this kind of freedom from traditional platforms (especially as the mobile workforce becomes the rule and not the exception) will result in a requirement that business applications can be presented in web browsers.  Even as a Mac user, I had no idea that the iPhone would be such a significant player in business.  I figured it as more of an expensive toy – but with many application vendors creating special interfaces for iPhone users and the handset offering such high computing power, in barely a year, enterprise adoption of the iPhone is beyond expectations.

One final note: there is, fortunately, a bridge technology that allows traditional client-server applications to run from multi-platform web-browsers.  Citrix’ Access Essentials product actually allows the end user to open Internet Explorer, Safari or Firefox under Windows, Mac or Linux and launch applications from an icon that looks much like a desktop shortcut residing in their personal application portal.  This launched application retains the look of its native operating system platform but can be interacted with as if it was a window of a locally running application.  So, I as a Mac OS X user can run QuickBooks Enterprise without virtual machine technology on my Mac – no need for anther Windows XP license and no need for my IT department to maintain that virtual PC (anti-virus software and all) because its all running from the server, with great performance.  And it can be made accessible to me from anywhere.

The future of business applications is indeed exciting.

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