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There is a Sales Tax Report issue related to the December 1, 2009 Release 9 (R9) of QuickBooks 2009. If you downloaded R9 earlier this month, the Sales Tax Liability and Sales Tax Revenue reports are not displaying the correct data in some cases. Only customers who have already downloaded and installed R9 may be afffected. This issue affects QuickBooks Simple Start, Pro, Premier and Enterprise Solutions.

If you are using Release 8 or earlier, this issue will not affect you and you may therefore continue to rely on the Sales Tax Liability and Sales Tax Revenue reports for any sales tax filings with tax authorities. (Not sure which version you have? Open QuickBooks, hit F2, and look at the information in the upper left of the screen entitled “Product”). Click here for more detailed instructions.

What You Should Do If You Are On R9

If you are currently using R9 and have not filed your tax information with tax authorities, you should update your QuickBooks software before you file. The new update (Release 10) is scheduled to be available on Wednesday, December 16.Only after updating to R10 should you rely on the Sales Tax Liability and Sales Tax Revenue Reports for your upcoming sales tax filings with tax authorities.

If you are currently using R9 and used the Sales Tax Liability and Sales Tax Revenue reports to submit tax information with tax authorities, your submission may be incorrect. As a result, you may need to resubmit your sales tax information after downloading R10 if you meet certain criteria. Specifically, this issue applies to you only if you meet the following conditions: within QuickBooks the sum total of items in your Items List multiplied by the nubmer of vendors in your Vendor List equals more than 10,000. For more information on how to determine whether you need to resubmit your sales tax information, click here. If you think you have already submitted inaccurate information to tax authorities and need help with your resubmission, you may contact Intuit at

How to Update to R10

Updating QuickBooks with R10 will correct your sales tax information in the Sales Tax Liability and Sales Tax Revenue reports. You can apply this R10 update in two ways:

  • You can download this update here on Wednesday, December 16, 2009
  • QuickBooks will prompt you (if you have “Automatic Update” turned on) to apply this update automatically on Thursday, December 17, 2009
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I’m very excited about the release yesterday of QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 10.0 and while it has some unique benefits not shared by the Pro and Premier products, this video hits on some of the more subtle reasons this is really a great update to the most popular accounting software around.

Get a free 30-day trial download of QuickBooks Enterprise 10.0

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Yesterday’s newly publicized offer just isn’t enough.  I know I’ve got to do more.

I know that assisted payroll in light of the new laws affecting withholdings is attractive to many of you, but it’s time to do something really much bigger than that to help all of you small business owners who are trying to make your business as efficient as possible in light of the larger economic situation.

So, we’re pulling out the stops and giving away the farm.

If you’re switching to QuickBooks Enterprise from a qualified competing product, act fast because I’m still giving away 8 hours of free consulting (training, installation, whatever you need) to anyone who switches from a qualified competing software package (no, other QuickBooks products are not going to count, we’re talking Microsoft, Netsuite, Sage, etc.) But this ends very soon -  3/31/09.

On to the big stuff:

We are giving away EVERYTHING on the list below if you buy QuickBooks Enterprise from IncorTech in March or April:

  • 3 Months of Free Intuit Merchant Services (for credit card processing)
  • 2 Months of Free Assisted Intuit Payroll Services
  • Free Mastering QuickBooks Enterprise Training DVD ($395 value)
  • Free user of Intuit Business Analysis ES
  • Free user of Intuit Field Service Management ES
  • Free user of Intuit Warehouse Management ES
  • One year free Video Marketing Starter Package from SpotMixer
  • Free DreamTeam Document Manager 1-User from DreamFactory
  • Free DreamTeam Project Manager 1-User from DreamFactory
  • Free TrueCommerce EDI software (a $795 value)

Click for more info on our insane QuickBooks Enterprise Bonus Giveaway.

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What Does the $800 Billion Economic Stimulus Have to Do with Payroll?
Besides possibly putting $400-800 in your employees’ pockets, the bill’s payroll tax credits and COBRA provisions will mean changes to how employers handle payroll taxes and quarterly tax filings. The IRS asks that employers calculate federal withholding and advance earned income credit payments with the new tables just issued as soon as possible, but no later than April 1st, 2009.

What’s a Small Business Employer to Do?
Call IncorTech at 888-200-4171, of course! We’ll help you sign up and get your first two months of Intuit Assisted Payroll for FREE if you sign-up by April 30. Leave it to Intuit to handle all the hassles of the Economic Stimulus bill, so that that you can spend your time running your business.

What is Intuit Assisted Payroll?
Intuit Assisted Payroll is a payroll service that gives employers control to pay their employees anytime and have Intuit handle payroll taxes at 35-50% less than the cost of ADP or Paychex. It provides:
1) Payroll specialists to help employers with the payroll set-up, step-by-step and unlimited access afterwards to answer any questions.
2) Easy payment of employees by employers who have entered their hours into QuickBooks with a few clicks. Intuit Assisted Payroll Service automatically calculates employee deductions, taxes, etc.
3) Choice to either print paychecks or use Direct Deposit to pay employees
4) Confidence with Intuit handling the tax filings and payments. We calculate all tax payments and file tax forms for employers with an Intuit guarantee that they will be accurate and on time.

See a 4 minute Demo movie on Assisted Payroll.

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Dec reports that Intuit is making a bold move in bidding for the assets of beleaguered CRM product maker Entellium. The Rave CRM product has some unique features in its sales workflow that make it a very forward thinking tool for sales.Intuit’s intent would logically be to build out the features of its fledgling Sales Management ES application that is part of the new QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions “Suite” offerings.

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In our latest effort to provide our software selection assistance and professional services to a broader audience, IncorTech has launched the new site today.

Founder Steve Birdwell had this to say about the launch:

I’m proud of the team’s efforts to continue growing our QuickBooks Enterprise division. Our recent addition of the Las Vegas office and our ability to provide local support there was just the beginning for IncorTech. Our growth as a national-level provider in the Intuit Solution Provider space will move forward by leaps and bounds with the success of this site. Our promise of delivering a great product at a great price with our Easy Implementation options provides plenty of choice to our future Customers who are looking to improve their business efficiency, serve customers better and save money in today’s economy.

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In addition to it’s SAAS-model QuickBooks Enterprise Suite offerings which debuted this fall with the release of QuickBooks Enterprise 9.0, Intuit is drawing praise from Business Tech magazine CRN this week for its new integration with the QuickBase web application platform purchased by Intuit several years ago.  

In the article, ChannelWeb writer Edward Moltzen provides an interesting look into the possibilities for smaller firms to enjoy a high ROI on QuickBase applications that integrate with QuickBooks products.

CRN particularly found the deployment of QuickBase solutions to be an enjoyable experience:

Unlike the deployment for Microsoft’s Dynamics, which can include hours of time installing updates, DLLs, patches and dealing with the integration of applications like SQL Server, deployment of QuickBase is easy … because there really isn’t much of a deployment at all.

Because it’s a hosted application, essentially all that’s needed is an account setup with Intuit—that’s it.

The Test Center deployed a trial account in about two minutes. There were no big issues in accessing the site. The QuickBase dashboard, “My QuickBase,” appears on sign-in with several pre-loaded applications, including customer support, project management and time and billing. It also provides an icon that leads to blank templates to create custom applications.

With some new competition arriving from QuickBooks Gold Certified Developer Alocet , Method Integration is offering some similar applications, but with a unique real-time synchronization option that is not yet available for all QuickBase applications.

Are you using web-based software in your business?   Is it free (like Google Docs) or on a subscription basis (like Basecamp)?  How do you like your web based application?  Would you recommend it to others?

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It was nice to see some familiar faces and friends in Dallas.

The big news at the Conference was the unveiling of the new “Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise Suite 9.0” which incorporates some incredible SAAS offerings to extend the functionality of QuickBooks Enterprise.

ComputerWorld picked up on the story already and are comparing the move to add the “Sales Management ES” portion of the suite to that of taking on the Goliaths of SAAS CRM.  I think that may be an overstatement as the product is truly aimed at those who aren’t yet using an SFA solution that integrates with their (QuickBooks) accounting.

I was personally very pleased with the decision to give a free license for each of the “Enterprise Suite” web apps to all QuickBooks Enterprise customers so that the company can try out the application at no cost and decide if a rollout is a good idea.

I’ll have more to discuss about what makes Enterprise Suite 9.0 so special, but I’m having to watch out for compliance with Beta program NDA’s, etc.

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You can get this E-Book from me INSTANTLY for FREE.  It has tips and tricks from QuickBooks power-users all over the country that are time and money savers.  It absolutely can be used by mere mortals – you don’t need to be a bookkeeper or CPA to take advantage of these.  Highly recommended and you get the download link emailed to you straight away – no waiting.  Enjoy – It’s on the house!  What are you waiting for?  Its FREE QUICKBOOKS TIPS & TRICKS!

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I’m very proud to be associated with the kind of products that are designed to help a company grow into their full capabilities over time.  One such tool for project-based businesses is Project Insight by Metafuse

Metafuse is a local company, founded in 1996 and headquartered in Irvine.

The scalability I’m talking about is really and truly a rare beast.  It is also noteworthy that Deltek’s Vision product scales from a 10-user Small Business Edition (which can be optionally configured with more complex accounting features turned off) can also serve multi-thousands of users.  However, if a business’ core revenue stream is not derived from project-based engagements with customers, how can they find an affordable, yet scalable solution?

This is where Project Insight shines.  With a workgroup edition that starts as low as $40 / month, QuickBooks Enterprise users ought to find something they can really get their hands around.  Metafuse ships Project Insight for workgroups with QuickBooks integration included.

What about larger systems?  Perhaps your manufacturing company runs Sage MAS 500 and your marketing department has a product development and product marketing team that have import milestones to track, budgets to plan and resources to manage.  Project Insight has server many marketing and development teams well.

Project Insight is used by over 500 firms with more than 15,000 users.  Their customers include American Honda, JD Power & Associates, NASA, Cisco Systems and yet scores of smaller businesses started managing projects with Project Insight too.  Some of them actually doubled the project load for their PM’s after deploying Project Insight while still increasing profitability, decreasing outstanding receivables and driving customer satisfaction through the roof.  There are LOTS of great stories.  But I’ll share one another time…

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