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The IncorTech Client Advantage: Consulting from the Start

You’ll experience our IncorTech Client Advantage™ project management methodology from our first meeting forward, because we believe in consulting from the start. Practically every technology company will tell you they have a project management methodology – but in reality, such plans are rarely followed because the processes are too onerous, too complex, and too expensive.

Consulting from the Start

Did you know that a Standish Group study of 15,000 SMB IT Projects revealed that 19% of all such projects are abandoned before they are completed? That means making changes to your business management systems has at least a 1 in 5 chance of failure! How can you identify and mitigate the risks without incurring exorbitant costs? When you choose to begin your software evaluation with IncorTech, you’ll see that we emphasize key processes throughout our relationship that are aimed at positioning you with significant advantages and increasing your likelihood of success.

We start this process before you buy software! Our engagements begin with a no-obligation meeting where we share vital details about the top reasons for project failure and how your risks can be significantly mitigated by employing the IncorTech Client Advantage Discovery Engagement process. Our goal is to help you ascertain very quickly whether our approach will meet your expectations – or not, and to have a clear game plan for moving forward – or not. We want to be your consultant – right from the start.

That's why you'll receive our Project Initiation Documents - to help you address several of the top reasons for project failure - at no cost to you and free of obligation. It's our way of thanking you for contacting IncorTech when you need to consider your options for business management technology.

Our 4C Promise

Our IncorTech Client Advantage methodology exists to achieve four simple goals, which we refer to as our “4C promise.” Our goals are to form a partnership with you that will:

  1. Reduce Complexity
  2. Increase Communication
  3. Ensure Clarity
  4. Arrive at Consensus

Put another way, we keep it simple, keep everyone in the loop, and keep everyone comfortable with the way we’re moving forward. With the IncorTech Client Advantage, everyone is an active participant in making the project a success.

Right-sized Project Management Methodology

Right-sized Project Management Methodology

Once you become a customer, you’ll see that the IncorTech Client Advantage™ project management methodology applies the right amount of detail for each project. The Incortech Client Advantage gives us the flexibility to be “lean and mean” on smaller projects, and structured and sophisticated on larger projects – while maintaining transparency, accountability and forward progress on projects of any size.

For each step in the IncorTech Client Advantage process, we have defined specific tools, milestones, activities and deliverables that will enhance the project by providing a smooth experience and predictable results. The methodology is specifically designed to provide frequent, transparent communication and ensure that every person involved in the project understands how they will be contributing to the project’s overall success. This leads to better controls on project costs than our competition. Our long-term partnership is focused on continually improving the alignment of your processes and technology to empower your people and adapt to each new challenge your business encounters – ensuring greater profitability. To facilitate this transparency, we are happy to sign a mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement (provided by you or us—whichever you prefer).

How Is IncorTech Different?

We choose projects with care because we are more than a "provider of software and services" to our Clients. It takes a partnership to successfully co-manage an implementation project. It takes a partner with "skin in the game" to be a trusted advisor in areas that affect much more than the software running on your computers.

We do our absolute best to propose a best-fit solution for every prospective client, and that includes referring you to a competitor if we don't think we’re the right fit. Our motivation for doing this is that we get many of our clients by referral.

One of our goals is to help you be more in control of your professional services expenses and the amount of time needed from your team during a software implementation:

  1. We offer flat-rate proposal options. A flat rate proposal guarantees you will know your software implementation costs but does require a clearly defined scope of work. In order to produce that scope of work, you'll need to start with the Client Advantage Discovery Engagement. The Discovery Engagement results in a business process map and scope of work document that you can use whether you move forward with us or another solution and service provider.
  2. Your Business Process Mapping and Scope of Work documents are high-quality documents that significantly increase your likelihood of project success. Business valuation experts have indicated that the process of mapping your current business processes in itself can add as much as 20% to the resale value of your business! You'll learn more about these important deliverables in our initial meeting.
  3. Our proposals leverage your detailed Scope of Work as a blueprint and provide you with several options to allow you to choose an approach that meets your budgetary, timeframe and desired scope. No mysterious estimate ranges, just a bottom-line price for each option based on years of experience and hundreds of successful implementations.
  4. At IncorTech, we place a heavy emphasis on determining the true value of any proposed changes to your business. That's why our Project Initiation Documents include a cost/benefit analysis tool. Even our "change request" forms (for handling requests not defined in the original project scope) include an analysis of value, helping you to make better decisions and helping to eliminate unexpected costs.
  5. Project management and your success: At IncorTech, we are members of the Project Management Institute and we put PMI best practices to use in order to improve communication and keep projects on time and on budget. Our project plan clearly indicates the activities, resource plan, communications plan and risk assessment components that can make a huge difference in the success of your implementation.

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