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Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) is an umbrella term that describes the process of gathering, manipulating, and analyzing data from past and present sources, and providing intelligent reports that enable you to make informed business decisions. It provides interactive, real-time, business-critical information on behaviors and trends of your business and market.

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BizInsight by BizNet


BizInsight Brochure | The BizNet BizInsight™ is an Excel-based business reporting and analytics solution that delivers simple, yet powerful, reporting and analysis capabilities to business users. BizInsight™ makes it easy to gain control of the entire business reporting and analysis process by ensuring data from MAS 90/200 or MAS 500 ties to data in Excel.

Crystal Reports by Business Objects

Crystal Reports

Crystal Reports is designed to work with your database to help you analyze and interpret important information. Crystal Reports makes it easy to create simple reports, and, it also has the comprehensive tools you need to produce complex or specialized reports.

Create any report you can imagine - Crystal Reports is designed to produce the report you want from virtually any data source. B uilt-in report experts guide you step by step through building reports and completing common reporting tasks. Formulas, cross-tabs, sub-reports, and conditional formatting help make sense of data and uncover important relationships that might otherwise be hidden. Geographic maps and graphs communicate information visually when words and numbers are simply not enough.

The flexibility of Crystal Reports doesn't end with creating reports -- your reports can be published in a variety of formats including Microsoft® Word and Excel, E-mail and even over the Web. Advanced Web reporting lets other members of your workgroup view and update shared reports inside their web browser.

KnowledgeSync by Vineyardsoft

KnowledgeSync by Vineyardsoft

The software applications utilized in business today contain an abundance of information. Hidden in all the transactions is information that requires your attention - expiring quotes, overdue activities, changes in the pipeline, low stock levels, support activities behind schedule, and customers whose buying patterns have changed. Every minute that this information goes undetected - and unresponded to - costs your organization. Lost productivity, lost revenue, and lost customer loyalty. Can your organization afford that?

Your invisible assistant identifying and acting on important business information is what KnowledgeSync is all about. It is an automated system that lets you tell it what conditions to watch for, and how to respond to those conditions when they occur. Using advanced Data Mining capabilities, KnowledgeSync can identify the precise conditions that are critical to the success of your organization. And unlike simple alerting solutions, KnowledgeSync's "Active Alerts" technology lets you do far more than just send out an "email reminder". Whether it's generating invoices, work orders, or picking lists, whether it's pushing critical information to a web portal, or whether it's executing workflow to schedule intelligent follow-up activities, KnowledgeSync is an enterprise-level solution that brings corporate awareness to a whole new level.

Microsoft FRx

Microsoft FRx and FRx Forecaster

With challenges like new regulatory pressures, manual spreadsheet-based accounting processes, fewer resources, and tighter deadlines, it's no wonder many feel like their financial reporting process is out of control. Microsoft® FRx® from FRx Software, a Microsoft company, can help. With more than 120,000 companies worldwide, Microsoft FRx continues to be an industry-leading, automated financial reporting and analysis application for mid-market segment and emerging enterprise organizations.

Microsoft FRx was tailor-made for ever-changing business climates, to bring insight and control to the entire report creation, generation, and distribution process. It allows you to create the kind of financial reports your organization requires, when you want, with the detail and flexibility you need to stay on top of the trends in your business. Microsoft FRx helps you and everyone in your department work more efficiently, which means you can close the books faster and distribute critical financial information more effectively.

Microsoft Forecaster is designed to work for your company. If you want timely, relevant budgeting and planning in your company, start experiencing the benefits of Microsoft Forecaster today. Microsoft Forecaster is a Web-based budgeting application that saves time and money throughout the year. Because it is easy to learn and use, end users can start building a baseline budget in as little as two weeks.

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