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Sage FAS

For more than 25 years, Sage FAS has been a leader in providing quality fixed asset accounting solutions. Easy to install, customize, and use, Sage FAS is a comprehensive, seamlessly-integrated fixed asset management solution perfectly suited for businesses and organizations of any size - whether you have 10 assets or manage a system requiring the power of a Microsoft® SQL Server® infrastructure.

FAS Asset Accounting

Fixed asset accounting and depreciation for those that want to manage their fixed assets, and not have their fixed assets manage them.

The Sage FAS Asset Accounting family provides easy-to-use fixed asset accounting, depreciation, and reporting features for businesses, governments, schools, and nonprofit organizations. Standard and customizable depreciation calculation methods help your business or organization optimize balance sheets, reduce insurance overpayments, and maximize tax savings.

Sage FAS conveniently manages assets throughout their lifecycle - from acquisition to disposal - and will provide a wealth of benefits quickly.

With a comprehensive depreciation engine containing more than 300,000 IRS and GAAP rules, FAS Asset Accounting makes managing the lifecycle of your company's fixed assets - from acquisition to disposal--fast, easy, and accurate. FAS Asset Accounting eliminates the time and energy it takes to manually perform the necessary accounting procedures, allowing you to focus on other tasks. Sage FAS has budget-friendly versions to meet the specific needs of your organization - from single-user, multi-user, or Microsoft® SQL networks, to the number of assets in your organization. FAS Asset Accounting can be customized to work to meet the specific needs of any business process with user-definable fields, "Smart Lists," Asset Templates, and more.

More than 10,000 Assets/Microsoft SQL Network
FAS 500 Asset Accounting has the power you need to manage your fixed assets and maintain reliable, relevant, useful data. Sage FAS provides powerful reporting capabilities allowing you to access information quickly, easily, and in the way it is needed.

Stand-Alone/Network/Fewer than 10,000 Assets
FAS 100 Asset Accounting provides the same complete depreciation calculations as the entire FAS Asset Accounting family, and can be used as a stand-alone version, or can be networked for multiple users. Built-in security ensures that users can only access the information they need based on their role in the company.

Stand-Alone/Fewer than 1,000 Assets
FAS 50 Asset Accounting is the perfect choice for your growing business's fixed asset accounting needs. With asset templates to assist with entering asset data, and easy-to-use reporting functionality, you can perform tasks efficiently and accurately.

FAS Asset Inventory

Efficiently create and track multiple physical inventories of assets and enjoy complete control at every step.

Nothing is more critical to effective management of fixed assets than conducting a fixed asset inventory. Without it, no amount of added processes, controls, or correct calculations can ensure the accuracy and reliability of fixed asset accounting.

FAS Asset Inventory allows you to track all of your fixed assets and helps eliminate "ghost assets" - assets that are still recorded on the books but have been lost, damaged, or disposed of. Properly tracking fixed assets can prevent insurance overpayments and reduce your property taxes.

FAS Asset Inventory provides automated fixed asset inventory tracking and reconciliation capabilities. Using state-of-the-art barcode technology, FAS Asset Inventory creates and tracks multiple physical inventories of assets quickly and efficiently - allowing you to achieve a tighter control of your fixed assets.

FAS CIP Accounting

Take control during construction in progress projects even before your fixed assets are placed in service.

FAS CIP Accounting provides you with the ability to track components of an asset before it is placed into service. Whether you're assembling multi-component equipment, upgrading machinery, constructing buildings, or just accumulating separate invoices prior to placing a fixed asset into service, FAS 100 CIP Accounting helps you take control of spending and streamlines your project accounting - eliminating cumbersome spreadsheets, manual data entry, and the mountain of invoices.

More than 10,000 Assets/Microsoft SQL Network For businesses with more than 10,000 assets, or those utilizing the power of Microsoft SQL Server, FAS 500 CIP Accounting provides speed, scalability, and control over your construction in progress projects.

Stand-Alone/Network/Fewer than 10,000 Assets FAS 100 CIP Accounting can be used as a stand-alone version, or can be networked for multiple users.

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